We are a leading developer, manufacturer and qualifier of thermal components and systems for the space industry. EHP was founded in 2001 and today has around 100 employees. We are located in Nivelles, Belgium, deal with companies all over the world and send our products up to Mars and Jupiter!

EHP is leading the market of thermal management for spacecraft. Recruiting and developing people talents and skills is vital to the success of our mission: Making space a universe of possibilities for everyone.


At EHP, we are looking for people who are ready to help us push the boundaries and guarantee the evolution of our development and projects. We are happy to bring together diverse talents to develop innovative solutions to the challenges facing the space industry.


Aude interview at EHP
In an interview with Agoria at EHP, Aude VANHORENBEECK, Methods and Processes […]
At EHP, our dedication to excellence goes beyond crafting thermal and mechanical […]
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