Can you introduce yourself?

Hello, I’m Justine, mum-to-be of a little boy, and I’m passionate about my job!

Once I got my marketing diploma, I wasn’t interested at all in the job offers available.  Then I met a logistics teacher who told me about the shortage in his profession and convinced me to take further training.  For me, logistics meant being a dispatcher in a transport company. Not at all in reality! Logistics involves everything, in every company, all over the world.  It’s transport, but it’s also about managing the physical flow of goods, from producer to consumer.  It’s a fascinating field.

Can you explain your role at EHP?

We are in charge of receiving, storing, distributing, packaging and delivering goods. We also play a major role in ensuring traceability.  My warehouse colleagues take care of most of the logistics activities.  Personally, I manage anything that doesn’t follow a nominal flow, as well as organizing customer deliveries.  We frequently deliver parts outside the European Union, which requires customs management.  Moreover, a big part of our products contain ammonia, which requires special management for shipments by air, sea, rail or road.  With the support of my manager, I make sure that we comply with all these rules.

What’s your background at EHP?

Here I am in my 3rd position at EHP.  I was hired as purchaser in 2018.  I quickly took charge of subcontracting and collaborated with the wharehouse team to organize the transport from and to the suppliers.   

Then I got the opportunity to take charge of the logistics department.  Since then, I’ve been working with a great team to ensure that our production colleagues get the resources they need to do their jobs on time.

How do you see a woman’s place as head of logistics at EHP?

Being a female head of logistics at EHP is an opportunity.  It’s a chance to be a woman and not to experience any discrimination… and even to be pampered when you’re pregnant!  My colleagues are extremely caring.  I’ve got also the opportunity to participate to the “Elles Bougent” event.  This association is committed to greater gender diversity and aims to deconstruct stereotypes.

Your final words?

Choosing a job that you love is all very well, but for me, it’s above all the people I work with that make me feel fulfilled in my job.  A friendly atmosphere within a team is essential for everyone’s fulfillment.

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