2021 will remain a particular year for EHP…

Besides celebrating the 20 years of EHP, this year also marks the beginning of the ‘new EHP’ !

Over the years, EHP has grown from a small 600m² facility to working areas spread over 4 buildings for a total of 4500m².

Enough ? Not at all ! With the major OneSat project arriving, and with our heat pipe production continuing to double every year, EHP needs much more space.

In 2019, the idea of a new modern building was put on the table. Two years later, in May 2021, the work of a brand new 10 000m² facility has begun !

By the beginning of 2023, EHP will have close to 8000m² of industrial areas, including a 2000m² clean room for the assembly of our thermal and deployable systems. Our teams will also be reassembled together in a nice 2000m² office building that will offer a well-being working environment to all of us.

The first part of the project, the industrial hall and half of the clean room, should be delivered in the beginning of 2022. The offices and the rest of the clean room should be available 6 months later, and the final industrial areas for machining and logistics will close the project in the beginning of 2023.

With these new facilities, EHP is now ready for the next 20 years !

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